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The Comic That Just Won't Get Off the Ground

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Mar. 30th, 2009 | 08:43 pm

I got to thinking for the first time in a long time about the romantic comedy comic I've had worked out in my head for years now...literally almost 10 years I've had the general plot from beginning to end worked out.

Basically a poor slacker is having trouble coming up with his rent, and has to set about on finding himself a room mate.  The first applicant is the world famous (at least in my circle of friends) Bobby Corwin which of course shows up stoned, and needless to say the hero of the story declines his offer to move in.  Bobby being Bobby though misunderstands, and decides to try to move in anyways (and wacky hijinx ensue.)  One day a beautiful girl who he instantly becomes infatuated with answers the ad for the room mate.  He of course accepts, and then you have a long storyline of him being in love with her, yet her not returning the feelings.

Today I came up with the twin sisters of Megan and Tara.  Their names and the twin thing aren't the only thing they almost share with the band Tegan and Sara, one of the sisters,is a lesbian.  Not both of them like Tegan and Sara, and this where the hijinx for them would happen.  Comparisions to their famous counterparts would irk Tara (the straight one) and I already have come up with with one scenario when Megan comes home drunk with a girl, and in her inebriated state the random girl wonders into the wrong room and starts making out with Tara.

I can come up with storyline after storyline, but it does me no good if I don't start drawing the damn thing.  That's where the problem lies and really not an artist.  The art style I have worked out in my head would be the big eye no nose style like Final Fantasy Tactics (mainly because I've always had problems drawing noses) and I wanted to coloring to look like colored pencils.  That last part I would more than likely try to do in photoshop, since I'm sure it can replicate a colored pencil just fine.  Also I have no idea what to call it.  I vaguely remember having a conversation with Steve one afternoon when I was watching him draw on his comic, and I gave him the idea of what I had planned and he said something that was so catchy that instantly wanted to name the comic that.  Alas, I've forgotten what it was.

I've vowed to get some pencils this weekend and to start this, I hope I stick to it.

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