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Reasons why the PS3 is better than the XBOX 360

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Mar. 4th, 2009 | 07:26 pm

I wrote up a long write up the other day, creaming myself over my new machine but Facebook fucked up and deleted the post.  So the quick version.

- Online gaming is free.  XBOX Live Gold is horse shit, especially at $8 a month unless you are on there everyday.  Don't get me started on what I had to do just to cancel the shit.

- The PlayStation Store is more accessible and easier on the eyes than what Microsoft offers.  Only complaint is that I wish they had a bigger selection of things to download.  It's nice that they have great PS1 games for Suikoden for $5.99 (another thing that's nice is when you want to buy something it's shows the price instead of making you translate how many points equal what) but compared to Japan, I guess we have a lame selection.

- The wireless controller charges via USB cord.  Simple as that, no more batteries.

- Visually appealing.  Sleek and futuristic, yet something incredibly retro about it.

- Built in WiFi adapter.  A lot nicer than having to pay $50 for an add on.

- Obviously the Blu-ray.  While the format in the end might not have the dominance that DVD has had the last decade, all you have to do is watch one movie to see it's worth it.  The PS3 is actually one of the cheaper high end players on the market, and really with current market prices you'd really be getting a decent deal paying $400 for it if that's all it did.

Bottomline, I love it.  The only reason I settled on a 360 a year ago when I went next-gen, was the exclusive DLC for GTA IV and Mass Effect.  In the end Mass Effect ended up being a shitty reason to own a console, but I take my GTA seriously so I needed that DLC.  The PS3 probably has a longer lifespan than the other two consoles, so I'm hoping some decent exclusive stuff for it gets released so the system actually starts selling.  Don't let the high price disuade you, you are actually getting a steal.

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from: chimera_lancer
date: Mar. 6th, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)

Does this mean more SoCal 80's commercial marathons?

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